Wednesday, May 9, 2018

2018, Week 18 (April 29- May 5)

Sunday, April 29

I worked again this day, so Lee took the boys to get some flowers to plant. Lee and Luca did the planting, while Jack napped. 

I came out to check on them and Luca just looked so sweet sitting in that chair, eating a snack, swinging his feet. 

Lee's mom sent us a garden box for a few months, so Lee and Luca planted this one together this day as well. 

After I finished working and Jack woke up, we all ran to Target and spent the rest of the day at home together. 

Monday, April 30

I love seeing the type of sidewalk chalk writing Luca does now, watching him grow and learn is the greatest gift. It struck me this morning as I walked back from the gym to see all of his letters, numbers, and drawings. 

After we dropped Luca at school, Jack and I ran a few errands so he missed his am nap. Which resulted in him falling asleep about two seconds before we got home from picking Luca up from school. Luca sat so sweetly watching and touching Jack's face while he slept. 

Luca got up from his rest time with an original song that he sang for me. It was the sweetest! 

Hanging out before I made dinner. Jack's smile! 

Tuesday, May 1

Jack was saying "woah!" all morning. 

I told Luca he looked so handsome and he replied, "don't I?!"

Jack has become very into trucks, playing with them, pointing them to us on the street, imitating the noises they make, etc. 

This day was a hard one for me. I put my new favorite song on ("Surrounded") while eating breakfast and Luca and I started talking about the lyrics and then he said the above to me. It was such a powerful reminder, one I desperately needed to hear. 

The entire morning and early afternoon ended up being quite a "battle" for me. After spending all morning praying, or trying to pray and fight the battle with worship, I ended up spending the boys nap time talking with God and then sitting and listening. I told Him all the things on my heart, asked lots of questions, and then listened. While I didn't hear Him answer me audibly, He did answer me. Because as soon as I got up from the couch, I had immediate and overwhelming peace. A different kind of peace- an all encompassing, something big had shifted pease. Over the next few days, He revealed things to me in a very powerful way. So while I look back on this day and remember the battle and the pain that went along with that, I mostly remember the victory and breakthrough that followed and I am so grateful for it. 

I am obsessed with Luca's drawings and how each time he draws, he gets better and better. 

Optimus and Bumblebee

Blades and Boulder

Heatwave and Chase


When Lee gets home from work, Jack insists on going outside with him. It has become their thing, they have been doing it since he was a baby. When Jack was a baby, Lee would take him out and walk him around the house and then come back in. Now, when Lee gets home, Jack has to go outside, regardless of what we are doing. He doesn't even greet Lee anymore, he just goes over to the door and points like "Ok, I'm ready to go out!" Needless to say I no longer serve dinner before or as soon as Lee gets home because Jack will not eat until he gets outside with Daddy. Lee took these photos of Jack while they were out back playing this day. Is he not the sweetest? 

After dinner, we typically do baths/bed but this night we walked up to the park for a bit before that routine. The boys loved it, of course, but so did we. 

Wednesday, May 2

This am Luca was hanging on to Lee's leg as Lee walked around our room, and all of a sudden Luca's neck started hurting. He somehow twisted it wrong and tweaked a muscle, so he stayed home from school this day. He was in quite a bit of pain and couldn't turn his head one way (I could see and feel the sore muscle, poor guy). 

He always signs his names to the pictures he draws for me so that I don't forget who they are from. 

Love that dinosaur scene and his name. And heart! 

That is our family. That little tiny guy on the guy on the far right is daddy holding Jack. (Behind our family is our house, garage, yard, and trees.)

While we were finishing eating dinner this night we heard the ice cream truck going by. So Luca and I ran outside to catch it. Luca ran full speed, so I think he was feeling a bit better. Luca chose a cherry flavored batman ice cream and we picked birthday cake for Daddy and Jack. After a few bites of his, Luca decided he didn't like it very much and asked if he could share with Lee and Jack. After eating about half of theirs, he decided he did in fact like his and he ate that too. Little (smart) stinker. 

Jack started dipping his chicken nuggets and fries into his melting ice cream and eating it that way. Smart boy.

Thursday, May 3

Everyday he looks just a little bit older than the day before. 

Lee gets Jack up in the mornings and dresses him. This day, the outfit really made me laugh. Stripes on stripes! 

Jack was super into wearing socks (or just the one) this day. 

Little helper. 

After I finished working this day, Luca had built a fort all on his own that he invited me to join him in. That picture above is the "door." 

I loved seeing the fort evolve over time- he was so into building it and making sure it was durable and you could fit in it (because as you can see his original fort wasn't very high). 

Friday, May 4

Jack put Luca's shoes on all by himself and was quite pleased with himself. 

I had to run to the mall to make a few returns/exchanges this morning. The boys did so well while I got done what I needed to. I even tried on some shoes and they didn't complain or make a peep!

After I was done, they played for a bit at the play area before we grabbed some lunch. Luca, pictured above, was the kid on the play area on all fours, sticking his tongue in and out because he was a Komodo Dragon. I LOVE seeing him play and imagine and be himself. 

Jack loved climbing on all the things. 

At lunch Jack kept putting the straw wrapper on his upper lip like a mustache and then would laugh at himself. So we each took a turn doing it and laughing. 

Luca asked that I take a picture of that specific smile. (Also, note his shirt tucked into his undies.)

We colored together for a while after naps. 

After Lee got home, we ate dinner and then I ran out to an appointment and to get groceries. 

Saturday, May 5

Saturday morning soccer. I love watching Luca cheer for his teammates. More than anything, that is what I want him to learn when he plays sports with his friends. 


Luca played so well again this week. He went after the ball and I could hear his giggle as he dribbled the ball down the field. I loved hearing how much fun he was having and watching him improve week after week. 

After soccer, (and our donut because, of course) we went to the Strawberry Festival our town hosts each year. It was our first time going. It was a good experience and a lot of fun. I think my favorite part was the car show- I loved seeing the excitement Luca (and Jack too) had over some of the cool cars. 

Luca's favorite part was that T-Rex. 

Luca was so excited about his new dragon, and Jack was so excited about chewing on that apple sauce pouch. 

After the festival we came home for naps, as you can see we were all pretty tired from all the walking/running we did so far this day. 

After naps, we went to church where Jack didn't cry AT ALL! He went right into his classroom without one single tear! His teacher was so excited and wrote the sweetest note about how proud she was of him on his paperwork. Hooray, Jack!!!